The WordFit modules are designed to build vocabulary knowledge of 1000 high-frequency everyday words and collections of 100 specialised words that have been developed with industry experts.

The specialised words include Academic, Agriculture, Building, Catering, Computing, Finance, Hairdressing, Health, Health & Safety, Horticulture, Library, Road Code, and Travel & Tourism words. In addition there are 100 Te Reo Māori words, with well pronounced audio, to help learners get started.

Each WordFit module displays a set of five words at a time (or ten words in the Everyday module). The first screen tests the learner's existing knowledge using image and audio cues. Subsequent screens provide practice through a series of interactions that help the user learn unknown words. These include seeing, listening to and spelling the word, selecting the correct definition for the word, and choosing and spelling the word in the context of a sentence. The final screen returns to the beginning to re-test the learner's new knowledge. WordFit tracks the number of words that a user knows in each collection.

Pathway's Awarua map for increasing vocabulary knowledge