Secondary teacher

Secondary Space has been tailored to meet the needs of secondary students and their teachers. Students have access to the same pathways and modules as tertiary learners but in secondary space the modules are linked, where applicable, to the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC).

The modules on the numeracy pathway are linked to levels 1–5 of the NZC and to the strands of mathematics and statistics. The modules on the reading and writing pathways are linked to three collections, with the lowest collection providing support to learners with the most significant literacy needs.

While most students register under the guidance of their teachers, Secondary Space is available for them to use anywhere, anytime.

Teachers are able to create classes for their students so that they can view and report on the progress of learners and encourage their learning. We strongly recommend you complete the modules on the How to use Pathways Awarua pathway to familiarise yourself with the interface and functionality.

Selecting your school from the list at registration connects your class to your school.

Cultural Capability account

Register for a Cultural Capability account to access Ako Aotearoa's Cultural Capability pathways. You can help your Māori and Pacific students achieve greater success by building your own knowledge, confidence and cultural capability. This account will have no educator functionality, instead, you, the teacher, will be the learner. Choose the option to learn independently on the orange registration form.

Connecting to your students on a cultural level can lead to stronger relationships, improved engagement, increased pass rates and ultimately, better learning outcomes for them.

The Māori Cultural Capability pathway

This pathway offers a great springboard to gaining the cultural knowledge of Te Ao Māori that can make all the difference for how teachers and support staff relate to and support Māori students.

There are 4 collections of modules centred around 4 Māori values:

Ako – learning and teaching
Manaakitanga – consideration for other people
Rangatiratanga – own learning decisions
Whanaungatanga – relationships

The Pacific Cultural Centredness pathway

This pathway includes seven interactive modules based on different Pacific nations: Samoa, Fiji, Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, Tonga and Tuvalu.

Each module focuses on the core values held by each Pacific nation. Participation in activities and reflection helps you embed the values in your knowledge bank.

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