Developing Learner Agency Pathway

Learner agency is the art of purposefully navigating through your own learning journey.

By integrating principles of learner agency into our practice we can support learners to take greater control of their educational journey, making their learning more enjoyable, engaging, and effective.

This pathway equips tertiary educators with the essential skills, strategies, and knowledge to cultivate learner agency among their learners. It is an interesting journey into a range of educational topics including learner identity, learning strategies, goal setting and planning.

The learner agency pathway introduces a framework for integrating principles of learner agency into foundation level education. It covers various areas, including:

  • Understanding the concept of learner agency and its importance in education.
  • Supporting learners to recognise and value their personal agency.
  • Implementing practical strategies to foster learner agency effectively.
  • Exploring literacy and numeracy activities that promote higher levels of agency.
  • Discovering insightful tips, theories, and ideas that will inspire new approaches and thinking.
Developing Learner Agency pathmap

By the end of this pathway, you'll emerge as a more effective educator, with a deep understanding of the subject.

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