Many New Zealanders struggle with their maths. The numeracy pathway is an easy way for learners to strengthen their maths knowledge and number facts using everyday problems that are engaging for adults and relevant to a New Zealand context.

There are over 180 modules that are linked to steps 2–6 of the Learning Progressions for adults. The modules are sequenced from easy to more complex as learner’s move along the path. 

Modules at the lower steps cover topics such as making sense of numbers and using simple fractions. At the highest step there are modules on rates, calculating GST and understanding angle formulae. Learners can freely move between the different steps on the pathway to find modules that meet their learning needs. Learners can choose from general, trade or service versions of the numeracy pathway.

In addition to the pathways, there are Number Facts modules designed to increase learners' recall of the basic addition and multiplication facts.

Pathway's Awarua map with learning progressions for adult numeracy