Pathways Awarua is a free and fun way of learning online, that gets you up to speed with all those essential skills. With over 400 modules, you can choose the content that most interests you. You can choose to improve your reading, learn new words, practise writing letters, calculate percentages, learn the road code and many more skills that are useful for life and work. 

You can learn by yourself or with a tutor, and always at your own pace.  Anywhere, anytime, and on any device! There are apps to download for your tablet so that you can also learn offline. 

You can log in and register on Pathways Awarua through GoPlacesNow.co.nz, or the short way gpn.nz  (these urls are easy to remember and quick to enter).

Our learners love using Pathways Awarua because it’s free, easy to use and it makes a huge difference to them. Give it a go and let your friends and family know about it too. 

You can really go places now on Pathways Awarua.