The NumberFacts modules are designed to increase learners' recall of the basic addition and multiplication facts (times tables).

The two learning tools (addition/subtraction and multiplication/division) teach learners to use their known facts to find unknown facts. Both tools test the learner's existing knowledge, then use this to choose appropriate next facts to learn. Each new fact is supported by a short tutorial linking it to an existing known fact, followed by word problems and practice examples.

The learning tools are supported by a collection of practice games to improve speed of recall and to apply the basic facts to calculating with fractions and decimals. Each game follows the same format, at various levels of difficulty. The learner is given one minute to correctly answer as many questions as possible.

These include:
  •  find pairs of numbers that add to a target number (whole number, decimal and fraction versions)
  •  answer addition and subtraction sums (whole number and decimal versions)
  •  answer multiplication and division sums (whole number and decimal versions)

The games keep track of a learner's high score so that they can challenge themselves to improve their own speed.

Pathway's Awarua map for basic addition and multiplication facts